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Ok you know what's weird, right after I put up that last entry I went up stairs and the phone rang and it was the airport calling to say they found my bag and they were going to drop it off and that it would be here in forty minutes. I'm kinda wondering if the two things are related. Seriously though I wouldn't have really burnt down the airport, ok and even if I did I wouldn't have laughed manically while doing it because you can't really make it more obvious who did it then by laughing manically, I mean jeez do I look like an idiot? ... ok don't answer that. So anyways I'm really happy they found my bag, now I won't have to worry about replacing everything, which is a good thing, still it really funny cause my mom and me just went out a while ago to get me some clothes and a hairbrush and some other stuff so I could go to school tomorrow.


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