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Animethon XIII!!!!! XD
You know after years and years of complaining to my friends that there were no anime conventions anywhere near where I live, I found out there is one in Edmonton and there has been for 12 years... damn I feel like an idiot. Well now that I know that there is one I MUST GO!!! ...So I AM! Yes and even though it will be my first time going I'm going to cosplay. I'm gonna go as Kairi from kingdom Hearts.

It's weird though, even though I'm super excited to be able to go I'm really nervous. I keep having this thought that I'll show up and I'll be the only one in costume and I'll feel like an idiot. I have decided that I must convince Katelyn to go with me and make her dress up too! Then ne matter what I won't be a complete idiot. I'll just have to make sure I hide until we get there because it's not even like I'll be in a different city so if someone sees me there's a chance people I know could find out... god I'm so self concious it's not even funny.

So I am off to Animethon in two months, I am sure the long drive across town will be terribly tiring. The only thing I'm wondering about this convention is what the hell is up with the name? It kind of sucks. But oh well! I am so excited.


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